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The Very Important Brand Lounge Is an Exclusive community founded by The Tech Goddess® Katie McGuire- Helping struggling entreprenurs harness the power of tech to stand out in their industry.

Not at all! The reason I formed VIB was to create a safe space for business owners to tackle tech on their terms.

A space where no question is too 'silly'.

On the inside we have trainings, a private facebook group and a communication hub on discord where I spend my time answering your questions.  I want to make everyone feel like they never have to face the overwhelm of tech alone.

The basic membership doesn't offer direct 1:1 time with me but you do have the communication hub to share your questions, general chat and celebrations. 

If you really want to work with me 1:1 to push your growth or need a hand with the implementation, message me to see if I have any VIP spaces available.

This is designed to support all entreprenurs at all levels.

Feel like this?

  • Fed up of going it alone
  • Don't understand exactly what you need and have previously been sold something you now don't or can't use?
  • Not sure where to begin
  • overwhelmed and confused
  • Need help making your tech talk to each other
  • want to know the 'secrets' other businesses don't talk about
  • The jargon is ridiculous and noone explains anything!

Nod your head to any of the above?

I would love to show you that you CAN take on the tech, know what you're doing and show up in your business with confidence.

Doors Open for applications 12th December 2021.

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The Tech Goddess®

I’m Katie, also known as the The Tech Goddess® As a Brand and Tech strategist, the biggest challenges I help clients face are the ones that often keep them ‘small’ and unseen in the world of business.  

"My Whole life I had been nothing but invisible..."

When your childhood is littered with things no child should experience, you carry a maturity well beyond your years that very few people will understand. 

I was Consumed. 

Fearing the label of ‘abuse’ had to be worn like some heavy rucksack weighing me down my whole life. When stuck in that mentality it was easier to just be invisible.

But you cant bottle it up forever- when you do it bubbles over into all areas of your life, tarnishing everything you touch- your business, your relationships your health. The pressure, the overwhelm, the doubt has to go somewhere. 

Then in June of last year my little boy came into my world. Holding him in my arms for the first time… hurt. The flashbacks, hurtful words and heartache rose like poison to the surface.  Filled with a whole cocktail of feelings I didn’t understand, I made a declaration to my husband.  

From that day forward my past would never ever be his future- while there is breath in my body I vowed to step up, as me and give us the most loving stable life I could. 

Katie said "NO MORE!"

No more struggle.

No more fear.

No more being ashamed of things out of my control.

No more secrets that erode you from the inside out. 

But most importantly she found Katie.

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